Valley Yarns #182 Spring Towels PDF

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By Valley Yarns
Valley Yarns #182 Spring Towels PDF
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Weaving multiples of the same draft can get pretty boring, but putting on a long warp when weaving towels, for instance, makes more sense than putting on a short warp.  The idea behind Valley Yarns Spring Towels was a challenge to weave several different towels on the same threading and mostly on the same treadling but changing the tie-up to achieve a variety of patterns with a minimum of effort. The result is a 4-in-1 draft of 4 different towels on one warp. It keeps it interesting and is easy to manage, even for newer weavers. Use our colorway or choose your own colors to match your kitchen. Challenge yourself to some weaving fun! 

Equipment: 8-shaft loom, minimum weaving width 24”, 10-dent reed, 1 shuttle, 1 bobbin. A temple is helpful with twills, but not essential.
Warp Yarn:
Valley Yarns 8/2 Cotton (100% Cotton; 3360 yards/lb.)
         1435 yards shown in 1205 Banana
   Brassard 8/2 Cottolin (60% Organic Cotton/ 40% Linen; 3360ypp/ 1/2 lb tubes/ 1680 yds per tube)
          340 yards shown in  C0101 White 340 yards
          210 yards shown in C1152 Dark Green
          210 yards shown in C8265 Orange Brule
Weft Yarn:
Valley Yarns 8/2 Cotton (100% Cotton; 3360 yards/lb)
         1779 yards shown in 5468 Stone Green (note that the precise amount depends on the length you weave your towels)
            54 yards shown in 1205 Banana
Warp Length: 5 yards of 439 ends (includes 2 floating selvedges). This allows for four towels and 36” loom waste; deep looms might require a little more, table looms a little less.
Sett: 20 epi (2/dent in a 10–dent reed)
Finished Dimensions: 18⅜” wide and 26⅜” long
Weave Structure:
Point Twill

Valley Yarns
Barbara Elkins
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