Valley Yarns #255 Kausheya Scarf PDF

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By Valley Yarns
Valley Yarns #255 Kausheya Scarf PDF
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Product Details

The Valley Yarns Kausheya Scarf is a beautiful wrap woven with luxurious Valley Yarns 20/2 Silk with supplementary warp additions of worsted weight wool that add color and additional patterning. Kausheya is the Sanskrit word for silk, and using it in this scarf makes your project a joy to weave as well as wear! Choose colors to coordinate with your wardrobe and enjoy choosing complimentary shades to use in the supplementary warp to give your scarf extra style unique to you!

Equipment: Rigid heddle with minimum 15" weaving width, 15-dent reed, 1 stick shuttle, pickup stick at least 16" long
Warp Yarn:
     Primary Warp – Valley Yarns 20/2 Silk (100% Spun Mulberry Silk; 4900yds/lb)
        991 yds, shown in #619 Moss 
        153 yds, shown in #618 Red
     Supplementary Warp – Coordinating 100% Wool worsted weight yarn (ideally variegated)
        55 yds of one colorway, 14 yds in another 
Weft Yarn: Valley Yarns 20/2 Silk (100% Spun Mulberry Silk; 4900yds/lb)
     571 yds, shown in #619 Moss
     18 yds, shown in #618 Red
Warp Length: 98" of 210 doubled ends
Sett: 30epi (doubled warp threads in a 15-dent reed), 16 ppi
Width in Reed: ~14"
Finished Dimensions: 12" wide and 78" long (excluding fringe)
Weave Structure: Plain Weave with Supplementary Warp

Valley Yarns
Shilpa Nagarkar
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