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Valley Yarns #70 Weftovers Rug PDF

$3.99 Each

We all tend to accumulate partial cones of cotton yarn in various sizes, colors and amounts, both mercerized and unmercerized. From time to time, I try to use it up by winding many ends together to use as thick weft in my version of rag rugs. A summer remodel of our late ‘80s era kitchen was the perfect time to weave a kitchen rug to park in front of the sink.

This draft is a PDF download.

Equipment: 4-shaft loom with a weaving width of at least 30”, 1 ski shuttle, 1 boat shuttle and bobbin, a temple is helpful but optional.
Finished size: 26” x 38” plus visible hems
Yarn: Maysville 8/4 cotton carpet warp, one tube each in #2 black, #23 cardinal, #6 smokey blue and #12 forest green.
Warp Length: 5 yards for two rugs. There will be extra warp, enough for a small mat.
Width in Reed: 28 1/3 Sett: 12 epi
Weft: 15 to 20 ends, various colors of cotton yarns in sizes including 3/2, 5/2 & 10/2 mercerized, 8/2 unmercerized, and 8/4 carpet warp wound together. If a cone empties before the rug is finished, replace it with any other yarn; changing one color will not make a difference in the finished rug. It takes amazingly little of any one cone.

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