The Fibre Co. Voltaic Scarf (Free) -  ()
The Fibre Co. Voltaic Scarf (Free) -  ()

The Fibre Co. Voltaic Scarf (Free)

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The large blocks of color created by floats of the patterning weft are stabilized by a tabby weft, a much thinner warp end that is woven in a plain weave after every patterning weft pick to create the Voltaic Scarf. The bright pink, provides the perfect boost of color when needed most. 

Weave Structure: “An Elaborate Point Twill” by Sue Beevers, as published in A Weaver’s Book of 8-Shaft Patterns
Equipment: 8-shaft loom, at least 24” weaving width, 12 dent reed, 2 shuttles
Yarns: Warp: The Fibre Co. Meadow (40% merino wool, 25% baby llama, 20% silk, 15% linen; 545 yds/100 gm skein): Queen Anne’s Lace, 2 skeins; Patterning Weft: The Fibre Co. Road to China Lace (65% baby alpaca, 15% silk, 10% camel, 10% cashmere; 656 yds/100 gram skein): Rhodolite, 1 skein, Tabby Weft: Jaggerspun Zephyr (50% merino wool, 50% silk; 1120yds/100 gm skein): Vanilla, 1 skein
Warp Length: 214 warp ends, 3 yds long. (allows for 6” take-up, 28” loom waste, 10” swatching/sampling)
Sett: Warp 16 epi (1 - 1 - 2 / dent in a 12-dent reed), Weft 18 ppi patterning, 18 ppi tabby
Finished Dimensions: 12.75” width, 66.75” length, not including fringe

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