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TOIKA Computer Upgrade

By Toika
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16-shaft (16)
16-shaft (16)

Product Details

Upgrade your TOIKA Eeva, Liisa or Jaana floor loom to a computer-assist loom without buying a new loom! Eeva and Liisa* can accommodate 16, 24 or 32 shafts, while Jaana can accommodate 16 shafts. Your upgrade includes the computer box, cables and Weavepoint software to fully computerize your weaving. The upgrade also includes new shafts, tie ups and 100 heddles per shaft (old shafts and heddles will not work with the control box and must be removed).

*Note that manual Liisa is not deep enough for 24 or 32 shaft units without modification and new extra-deep side parts. This is not reflected in the prices below.

Toika computer upgrades are also possible on most Glimåkra Standard, Glimåkra Ideal, and Öxabäck Ulla Cyrys looms, though there may be shaft limits. Contact Weaving Coordinator, Bran Gardner, at to learn more.

16 shaft: $10,115
24 shaft: $14,470
32 shaft: $18,295

Note: This is a special order item; please contact Weaving Coordinator Bran Gardner at, for ordering details.

Wood, Metal
Loom Type
Computer Assisted Loom