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#07 Throw in 4-Shaft Dornik Twill PDF

$3.99 Each

Valley Yarns 2/10 Merino/Tencel has a hand and luster that make it ideal for a cozy fabric of any sort. Drape this Dornik Twill Throw over the sofa, wrap up in it on a cool night, put it over a baby blanket for a stroll in the park. The reversing dornik twill adds interest to the fabric and it is totally easy care. To make the weaving even easier, you could treadle only in a one-direction twill; to make it easier than that, use just one color in the weft for a striped, rather than plaid fabric.

This draft is a PDF.

Structure: Twill
Equipment: 4-shaft loom, 36” weaving width; reed; one shuttle, four bobbins. A temple is optional but very helpful.
Warp & Weft Yarns: Valley Yarns 2/10 Merino Tencel (2800 yards/lb.; 1540 yards/8.8 oz. cones): Navy, 670 yds; Periwinkle, 740 yds; Grey Teal, 820 yds; Steel,500 yds. The numbers allow for double length or two smaller pieces with a 3 ¼ yard warp.
Warp Length: 3.25 yds of 530 ends (includes 2 floating selvedges)
Sett: 16 epi (2 ends/dent on 8-dent reed; 1-2 on a 12-dent reed)
Dimensions: Width in reed: 33 1/8”
Finished size after washing: 29 5/8” x 31 1/4” or 29 5/8” x 62 1/2” double length


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