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40th Anniversary 06 Dots & Dashes Chenille Scarf PDF

$3.99 Each

  • Author: Dena Gartenstein Moses

Warped with a rich palette of our Valley Yarns Rayon Chenille, the Dots & Dashes Chenille Scarf makes excellent use of Eros II, an unique ladder structure yarn from Plymouth Yarns. The combination of colors and texture really pops in a simple plain weave structure. On the loom, they will appear somewhat flat, but the ribbon will pop out and the scarf will get luxuriously soft when washed properly.

A note from designer Dena Gartenstein Moses about working with chenille: “Chenille wants to move, stretch and worm, which can make it tricky to work with, but also forgiving. I like using front to back warping and just accepting the gnarls as part of the process, working them out using my sense of humor and as much patience as I can muster. If the warp snarls when beaming, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve done anything wrong. Over time, working it out will get easier. I strongly advise against using a comb to work through your warp.”

This scarf is easiest woven on six shafts. It can be adjusted to four shafts, although your shed may not be as lovely as usual.

This draft is available as a PDF download.

Structure: Plain weave with supplemental warp
Equipment: 4 or 6-shaft loom, 11" weaving width; 8-dent reed; 1 shuttle; 1 bobbin.
Warp Yarns: Valley Yarns Rayon chenille (1,450 yd/lb) - Amethyst, 116 yds; Iris, 162 yds; Dark Teal, 162 yds; Aquamarine, 116 yds
Plymouth Yarn Eros II (50g/165 yds), #3266, 35 yds
Weft Yarns: Valley Yarns Rayon chenille (1,450 yd/lb), Royal, 360 yds
Warp Length: 168 ends 3½ yds long allows for 4" takeup, 42" loom waste (loom waste includes 5" fringes at each end.)
Setts: Warp: 16 epi. (2/dent in a 8-dent reed); Weft: Approx. 14 ppi.
Dimensions: Width in reed: 10½".
Woven Length (measured under tension on the loom): 80" plus 5" fringe at each end.
Finished size after washing: 70" x 8½" not including fringe.

Read more about this weaving draft on our blog

This draft had been updated as of 2/16/15. If purchased prior to this date please contact customer service to receive an updated PDF of a draft with errata.


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