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Valley Yarns #51 Placemats in 16/2 Linen PDF

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This 8-shaft draft makes interesting use of straight draw and point twill threading and treadling. It is as familiar as an old friend until you look at the tie-up which is unbalanced and elegant. 

Equipment: 8-shaft loom, 13¾” weaving width; 1 shuttle
Finished Size: 12¼” x 18”
Warp and Weft: Valley Yarns 16/2 Linen, 2 tubes natural, 2 tubes half-bleach
Warp Ends: 343, including floating selvages
Warp Length: 5 yards allows for 4 mats (or 5 mats if you are very careful) and a 36” runner plus 1 yard for loom waste
Sett: 25 epi in a 10-dent reed

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