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Valley Yarns #53 Baby Blanket in Colonial Double Weave PDF

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The weave structure is Colonial Double Weave, a 4-shaft system that allows you to weave a reversible double weave colonial overshot pattern without the weft floats of overshot. The threading starts with a basic overshot pattern, in this case, Blooming Leaf, found in many sources. This draft is on p. 133 in A Handweavers Pattern Book, by Marguerite Davison. The threading is then paralleled and warped and woven in two contrasting colors. This produces much more pattern than is usually obtainable without doing pick-up in a 4-shaft double weave fabric.

Equipment: 4-shaft loom, 30” weaving width; 2 shuttle
Finished Size: approx 27” x 36”
Yarn: Valley Yarns 5/2 Valley Cotton (2100 YPP) 1 cone each 6277 Deep Periwinkle and 2166 Porcelain Blue
Warp Length: 3 yards
Warp Ends: 723, wound alternately, dark/light
Sett: 24 epi in a 12 dent reed
Weave Structure: Colonial Double Weave

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