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#90 Holiday Runners PDF

$3.99 Each

The Holiday Runners are a special and beautiful addition to any table. Celebrate the holidays and share with friends and family by weaving something unique for the occasion. These festive runners will add a bit of sparkle and joy to the shared feasts and are quick and easy to weave on 4 shafts. And in keeping with the holiday season, we wrote the draft with a long enough warp to weave two sets, so you can keep one for your home and gift one to a friend. 

This draft is available as a PDF download. 

Equipment: 4-shaft loom, 20” minimum width, reed, 1 shuttle, 1 bobbin, temple is helpful but optional
Warp Yarns: Valley Cotton 5/2 (100% mercerized cotton, 2100 yds/lb), Hanukkah Runner - #2655 Victoria Blue, 665 yds; #2574 Heather, 900yds; #8001 White, 260 yds; Christmas Runner & Santa Mat - #3611 Red, 815 yds; #5398 Pine Green, 750 yds; #8001 White, 260 yds; Plymouth Gold Rush (80% Rayon/20% Nylon, 110yds/25 grams): #10 White, 60 yds
Weft Yarns: Valley Cotton 5/2 (100% mercerized cotton, 2100 yds/lb) Hanukkah Runner - #8001 White, 1270 yds; Christmas Runner & Santa Mat - #8001 White, 1585 yds
Warp length: 5 yds of 377 ends (includes 2 floating selvedges). Makes 2 runners and 2 mats.
Sett: 20 epi (2/dent in 10-dent reed, 2-3 in an 8-dent reed, 1-2-2 in a 12-dent reed)
Dimensions: Width in reed: 19
Finished size after washing and hemming: Runners -16.25” x 50”, Santa Mat: 16.25” x 11 1/2”


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