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TOIKA Eeva Computer-Assist Loom

By Toika
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32in 24-shaft
32in 24-shaft

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This loom is warped and ready to test drive in our very own Weaving Room! Please contact Bran Gardner, Weaving Coordinator, at to schedule an appointment to try out this computer-assist loom at WEBS.

Toika ES Computer-Assist Looms are offered in 16-, 24- and 32-shaft configurations for both Eeva and Liisa looms. Traditional weaving looms are based on treadles, lamms, and jacks. The Toika ES Computer-Assist loom replaces all of those parts with a single pedal – much like that on a sewing machine. The pedal means that the weaver requires no strain or effort to lift multiple shafts – something literally impossible to do easily with a standard loom. Compared to its predecessor EW models, the ES series brings the owner improved electronics, an even longer working life, easier maintenance and fewer mechanical components.

Powered by the latest version of Weavepoint Software, The ES loom operates alongside a computer equipped with Microsoft Windows and one open USB port. The unit has a direct connection to the USB port – just plug it in, turn on the loom and the computer and the weaver is ready to go.

The ES control unit is directed by the computer and software to select the appropriate shafts and open the shed automatically. The shed is a true countermarche and is even throughout as the ES unit automatically compensates for the shafts that are farthest from the weaver. In addition to three weaving modes (Normal, Fast and Slow), there is a reverse mode if the weaver needs to unweave.

The new ES series allows the weaver to spend more time planning projects and designing fabrics while essentially eliminating treading and tie up errors. The ES control unit can also be installed on practically all manual Toika looms as well as many other brands of Scandinavian type looms..

Toika ES Computer-Assist looms come with Weavepoint software, reed, 100 heddles per shaft, cogwheel warp advance system, linen aprons and loom bench.

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Note: This is a special order item; please contact Weaving Coordinator Bran Gardner at, for ordering details.

32in 24-shaft
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Computer Assisted Loom ,
Floor Loom
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