Weaving Room

Warped Looms in Weaving Room Available for Weaving Today!

Did you know our Northampton store has an entire room dedicated to the art of weaving? Equipped with looms of every shape and style, we encourage you to stop by and take a loom for a test drive! The following looms have warps on them and are ready for you to use. To ensure there aren’t scheduling conflicts, we recommend contacting our Weaving Coordinator Mary Jones (mjones@yarn.com) but drop-ins are always welcome!   

The measurement by each loom indicates the maximum weaving width, unless otherwise noted.

Floor Looms

Louet David- 8 shaft, 27.5”
Schacht Standard- 8 shaft, 36”
Schacht Wolf Pup- 4 shaft, 18”
Schacht Baby Wolf- 8 shaft, 26”
Toika Eeva countermarch- 8 shaft, 48”
Toika computer-assist Eeva- 24 shaft, 40”

Table Looms

Louet Erica- 2 shaft, 12”
Louet Jane- 8 shaft, 15.75”

Rigid Heddle Looms

Schacht Flip (on stand)- 20”
Schacht Cricket (not on stand)- 10” Schacht Cricket (on stand)- 15”

Small looms

Schacht Tapestry loom 18” (Please Note: Only the 25” is now available, but the 18” demo will give you a great feel for the loom!) Mirrix "Big Sister" Tapestry Loom - 16” (Please Note: 16” is the width of the loom. Weaving width is 13”) Schacht Inkle Loom
Schacht Zoom Loom
Schacht School Loom

The following looms are available for sale at our Northampton location but aren't available for demonstration:

Potholder Looms & Accessories
Hockett Handheld Tapestry Looms
Schacht Easel Weaver
Harrisville Designs Lap Loom
Ashford Inklette

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