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TOIKA Eeva Loom

By Toika
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48in 12 shaft 12 treadleq
48in 12 shaft 12 treadleq

Product Details

This loom is warped and ready to test drive in our very own Weaving Room! If you’re in the area, visit WEBS and demo a loom today!

The Eeva loom is a typical Scandinavian countermarch loom, beloved for its wonderfully wide shed and easy-to-operate cogwheel brake/warp advance system. The frame is sturdy and handles weaving everything from rugs and rep weave to fine threads. The large side opening allows for easy access to warp and tie-up. Eeva features an overhead beater and comes with an adjustable loom bench. Also included with the loom are linen aprons, 100 heddles/shaft, and pre-cut Texsolv tie up cords and pegs.

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Note: This is a special order item; please contact Weaving Coordinator Bran Gardner at, for ordering details.

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48in 12 shaft 12 treadle
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Floor Loom
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