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Schacht Cricket Quartet

By Schacht

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Schacht Cricket Quartet

Out of Stock


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Product Details

This loom is warped and ready to test drive in our very own Weaving Room! If you’re in the area, visit WEBS and demo a loom today!

The Cricket Quartet transforms Schacht's most popular rigid heddle loom, the 15″ Cricket, into a 4-shaft loom with a 13-1/2″ weaving width. They have engineered the Quartet with thoughtful features that help you weave more complex patterns on a loom you already own! Closely spaced levers move with smooth action to raise and lower shafts. You’ll achieve clean sheds with help from the extended back beam. The pivot beater maximizes your weaving space. Like all Schacht products, the Cricket Quartet is manufactured in the USA. See the Quartet in action here

Note: This product does not include the loom or additional parts such as shuttles. This is for a 4-shaft conversion only.

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