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January 2021

Kathy and I wanted to share some exciting news with you, our wonderful customers.

Since we began, nearly 47 years ago, it’s been WEBS’s mission to be America’s destination for knitters, crocheters, weavers, and spinners. Thanks to you, we’ve been able to make that a reality—Kathy and I really couldn’t have done the last two decades without you!

It’s with great pleasure to let you know that our journey continues with a new partner, LoveCrafts, who have acquired WEBS - America’s Yarn Store.

Our companies’ values align perfectly. LoveCrafts has built a community of smart, kind, and passionate makers who champion craft and the joy of making. Together, we believe we become the destination for yarn enthusiasts in America.

It’s a privilege to work with a community as loving, creative, and kind as you, and we’re excited to continue in the next chapter of our story.

     — Steve Elkins 

What does this mean for you?
Nothing changes for you. We will continue to run WEBS as it is, with the same incredible team here! You’ll get the same service, excellent prices, and speedy shipment, you know and love. Over time, any changes we make will be to bring you an even better shopping and community experience. WEBS is here to stay.

The same WEBS store, brought to you by LoveCrafts

Most importantly, now that LoveCrafts own WEBS, is the website going to go? 
WEBS isn’t going anywhere! WEBS will continue as normal as the same amazing place to get all the things you need and love.

Why are Kathy & Steve selling WEBS? They have been a family business for over 45 years!
Kathy and I have dedicated the last 18 years to WEBS. Together, with our amazing team, we have achieved great success and have built lasting relationships with you, our customers. We believe that WEBS can continue to grow and evolve with this new partnership in ways that Kathy and I couldn’t necessarily achieve on our own and we’re confident that LoveCrafts have the right expertise and culture to do this.

Who are LoveCrafts?
LoveCrafts are a family of makers, passionate knitters, stitchers, sewists, and crocheters, and they love their crafts! LoveCrafts offers a gigantic range of craft supplies—knitting and crochet yarn, patterns, needles, embroidery supplies, and cross-stitch kits—you name it, you’ll find it. You can read all about LoveCrafts, but above all else, they’d like to welcome you to the warmest, happiest family of makers!

The same WEBS shop you know and love

Will my order still come from the U.S.?
All of our customers at WEBS will continue to get the same great service they've come to expect, with all U.S. orders shipping domestically.

I just placed an order on, will anything be affected by this new partnership?
Nope! There won’t be any impact at all. Your order will be dispatched by the WEBS team as usual.

Will the store still exist?
Absolutely! The flagship store is so important to WEBS and, now, to LoveCrafts as well.

Can I use my WEBS gift card at LoveCrafts? How about my LoveCrafts gift card at or the WEBS store?
Unfortunately not at the moment. Our systems aren't set up to accept gift cards from either website so if you have a WEBS gift card you'll need to use that over on and the same for LoveCrafts.

The same range you know and love

Will you keep stocking the yarns I like at WEBS?
Of course, if you love them, we do too! Outside of the normal range refreshes, there are currently no plans to remove any of the yarns you love.

Will there be any new yarns on WEBS?
You bet! As always we'll be adding more of the things you love as well as future favorites to the WEBS range.

Will the same customer service be provided at WEBS?
LoveCrafts prides itself on the great customer service it provides its makers and WEBS feels the same! The same excellent customer service teams are still on hand to answer all your questions and offer help and advice.

Will WEBS continue to offer a volume discount and will LoveCrafts continue to offer free shipping?
You bet! You’ll still get the WEBS Discount you know and love and free shipping at LoveCrafts when you spend over $65.

Will WEBS continue to sell weaving yarns and looms?
Weaving yarns and looms are an important part of our history and offering at WEBS and there are no plans to remove this. WEBS will continue to offer everything you need to do the craft you love.