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We’re excited to share the exciting changes coming to over the next few weeks, rest assured you’ll still get the same great service from the WEBS brand, we just have a shiny new website to help you get inspired and shop more easily. Share your thoughts with us here.

What’s new:

  • You’ll have a revamped account area, and your Pattern Library will be in its own separate location.
  • All of your pattern downloads will be available in one convenient place - your pattern library! This means you’ll need to create an account/log in to download a free pattern, but once you add the free pattern to your library, it will be there. No more wondering what that pattern was you wanted to come back to!
  • New payment options! You’ll now be able to use GooglePay, as well as all of the methods you’re used to using.

What’s staying the same:

  • Our incredible WEBS Discount isn’t going anywhere! You’ll still automatically get 20% off your $60+ purchase of regularly priced yarn and 25% off your purchase of $120+ of regularly priced yarn!
  • In-store pickup available
  • Add special instructions to your order (we’re always happy to help with your specific requests!)
  • All shipping methods will remain the same
  • The same level of expert care you’re used to from the members of Team WEBS! From everyone working in Customer Service to packing your orders from our warehouse in Easthampton, MA, and sharing our projects, ideas, and yarns we love with you!

What’s changing (for now):

  • Gift cards are temporarily unavailable as a payment method. Your gift cards are still active, but will not be able to be used online until late September. If you’d like to use a gift card for payment between now and then, please call 1-800-367-9327 to place your order.
  • Wish Lists are coming back very soon!
  • The ability to ask a question on a product page. It’s no longer possible to ask questions on the product pages, but please go directly to our customer service team if you need any help. Email or call 1-800-367-9327, and we’ll gladly help!
  • Closeout shades and full priced yarns will be on one page. Sometimes we have discontinued colors of continuing lines in our closeout section. To make it easier to find the yarn you love but at a lower price, those closeout shades will be on the same page as the full price. These closeout shades do not qualify for the discount, but they will have our low closeout price.