Valley Yarns Drafts Errata

While we do our best to ensure the accuracy of our Valley Yarns weaving drafts, the occasional error is inevitable. We apologize for any inconvenience. Below you will find a list of errata from our Valley Yarns drafts discovered since 2/26/2014.

#117 Wanderings Scarf
The original draft called for plain weave at the beginning and end of the scarf. This is not necessary and the scarf will have a cleaner look if you weave the pattern repeat all the way through. Hemstitch each end if desired.
Updated 06/20/2017.

Draft #116 Rustic Farmhouse Towels
The heddles counts were inaccurate on shafts 1 and 4.
Draft has been updated to correct treadling error. Download errata here.
Updated 06/26/2017.

Draft #115 Bamboo Curves Shawl

Download errata here.
Updated 08/24/2017.

Draft #114 Let the Sun Shine In Towels
Download errata here.
Updated 05/02/2017.

Draft #96 Champagne Celebration Shawl
The first printing of this draft erroneously called for floating selvedges. There is no need for them and the actual number of warp ends should be 765.
Updated 6/16/16.

Draft #91 XOXO Shawl 
There was an error in the threading instructions in this draft. Download errata here.
Updated 4/21/2016

Draft #89 Crepe Towel
Draft errata here
Updated 5/11/16

Draft #86 Waffle Weave Buddies
The yarn amounts for weft are for one towel only. After determining the number of each ‘buddy’ you will weave, multiply to get total weft yardage.
Updated 5/3/2016

Draft #84 Anniversary Placemats
Draft errata here.
Updated 6/30/16.

Draft #79 Comfort Shawl
The original draft gave an incorrect number of repeats in the threading chart. Click this link for a PDF of the corrected chart.

Please note that the thread-by-thread chart with all the colors is correct as shown in the original draft.
Updated 9/9/15

Draft #71 Towel in 4-Shaft Finnish Twill
Draft errata here.
Updated 03/20/17.

Draft #70 Weftovers Rug
Draft errata here.
Updated 8/24/15

Draft #67 Zephyr Shawl in 8-Shaft Atwater-Bronson Lace
In threading notes, thread in reverse from end 66 to end 2.  The total number of warp ends is 430.

The tie-ups have been updated. If you have questions about your draft, please contact Customer Service.
Updated 8/6/12.

Draft #63 Advancing Twill Scarf
D in the threading draft should be under the 1 between 48 and 60.
Updated 2/13/12.

Draft #62 Log Cabin Placemats
Treadling: follow the color order of the warp. The half-way point of the mat should be 10" to 10 1/2" for an on-loom length of 20", or a little more if you want longer mats. At the center point, reverse the treadling and weave back to the beginning.
Updated 11/28/12.

Draft #61 Plaited Twill Shawl
The tie for shaft 6 should be 3 5 6 8 (not 3 5 7 8 as printed).
Updated 2/13/12.

Draft #59 Blooming Leaf Baby Blanket
1. Number of ends should be listed as 489 ends including floating selvages, not 491 plus floating selvages.
2. Threading: B-C pattern repeat is 90 ends, not 91.
Updated 12/2/13.

Draft #57 Blue & White Striped Dishtowels
Has 410 ends, not 411.
Updated 7/17/12.

Draft #07 Dornik Twill Throw 
Draft errata here.
Updated 9/4/2015.

40th Anniversary 07 Santa Fe Summer Towels

Just prior to the hem at the very bottom of the treadling sequence, there is a sequence of treadle 3 ,4, 5, 6, 5, 4. This sequence should be repeated 3 times.
Updated 8/5/2015

40th Anniversary 04 Lattice Weave Scarf
The warp yardage for 5/2 Bamboo Pompeii was omitted in the original PDF. The amount needed for warp is 216 yds.

40th Anniversary 03 Ribbon Towels
There was an error in the threading instructions in this draft. The PDF has been updated with the revised threading information.
Updated 9/23/2014

All brackets denoting repeats have been moved one thread to the left.
Updated 4/11/14

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