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Valley Yarns #62 Log Cabin Placemats PDF

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These mats use the same warping order, sett and number of ends as Draft #31, Stash Reduction Placemats, but the appearance and texture of the mats is quite different. Even using two colors in the weft, these mats weave up quickly because of the coarse sett and picks/inch.

This draft is available as a downloadable PDF.

Equipment: 4-shaft loom, minimum 15” weaving width; 2 shuttles. A temple is helpful, but not essential.
Size: 13 ¾” in reed; 12 5/8” off loom. Finished size: 12” x 18”
Warp and weft: 3/2 Valley Cotton, Color A, 2166, porcelain; Color B, 1089, alabaster
Warp ends: 165
Warp length: 4 yards for 4 mats plus loom waste. Yarn amounts: 1 cone each color
Sett: 12 epi

Draft updated 11/28/12. View errata here. 

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