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40th Anniversary 07 Santa Fe Summer Towels PDF

$3.99 Each

In a color combo that is evocative of long, hot Summer days, these Santa Fe Summer Towels were specially designed for Valley Yarns by designer Chris Hammel. Valley Yarns 8/2 unmercerized cotton is perfect for thirsty, washable, kitchen towels, and what could be better than a bright, cheery towel in lively colors!

This 4-shaft draft is easy to thread and weave and will result in an ample kitchen towel. If you would like to increase the length of your warp, you could try different treadling variations for each subsequent towel and create a set for yourself or gifts for family and friends.

Learn more about this draft on our blog!

This draft is available as a PDF download.

Structure: Twill
Equipment: 4-shaft loom, 18" weaving width; 10-dent reed; 1 shuttle; 1 bobbin
Warp Yarns: Valley Yarns 8/2 Cotton (3,360 yd/lb), Spectra Yellow #1382, 419 yds, Lollipop, 360 yds
Weft Yarns: Valley Yarns 8/2 Cotton, Lollipop, 375 yds; Red cotton sewing thread, 42 yds
Warp Length: 346 ends (includes 2 floating selvedges 2¼ yds long allows for 4" take-up, 40" loom waste.)
Setts: Warp: 20 epi. (2/dent in a 10-dent reed); Weft: 20 ppi.
Dimensions: Width in reed: 17 2/3"
Woven Length (measured under tension on the loom): 37" includes 2-1" under hems and 2-1" hems
Finished size after washing: 14 7/8" x 28 1/4"

Draft updated 8/5/15. View errata details here.


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