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At WEBS, we are proud to be the sole distributor of Toika looms in the United States. Toika has been handcrafting traditional Scandinavian looms out of Finnish birch for over 100 years. Like us, they started as a family business. We love Toikas because of their expert craftsmanship, and we are huge fans of their computer-assist dobby looms, which we think are unparalleled in terms of longevity and ease of use!

Interested in purchasing a new Toika loom? Find details on what Toika offers in the latest Toika Catalogue. Contact us at for a quote. See below for FAQs.

Own a Toika loom and need maintenance assistance? Contact Weaving Coordinator Bran Gardner at See below for FAQs.

FAQs: Purchasing a new Toika loom from WEBS

  • Is shipping free?: Continental US shipping is free on all Toika looms listed on our website (Eeva, Jaana and Liisa). Contact about potential shipping charges on other Toika looms.
  • What does free shipping include?: Looms arrive in large wooden crates shipped to your address. You must live on a paved road. The crates are dropped off at the edge of your property (driveway, curb) by a freight truck, you are in charge of getting them inside. We can also work with you to coordinate a more hands-on delivery through the freight company, but you will be responsible for any additional cost.
  • How long before the loom arrives?: WEBS orders from Toika roughly 3-4 times a year. The looms are all built to order and are very heavy, so they can only be shipped via boat. This means that it can be several months between placing an order and receiving the loom. When you contact us for a price quote, we will share where we are in our ordering cycle and our best estimate of when the loom will arrive.
  • Is there a deposit?: We require a 25% deposit on all Toika looms before we officially place an order. Once the deposit is in, the sale is final. We cannot cancel a loom order once it has been put in with Toika because all looms are built to order.
  • Is there a warranty?: All Toika Eeva, Liisa, Jaana and Laila looms, including all computer-assist looms, come with a two year limited warranty.
  • Does the loom arrive assembled?: No, the loom will arrive unassembled for ease of transport. They are easy to assemble. See below for assembly instructions for all looms.

Loom Assembly Manuals

Eeva Computer Assist ES Assembly Manual (the computer-related content is the same for any Toika computer-assist loom)

Assembly Manual (manual loom)
8-shaft tie-up diagram
12-shaft tie up diagram

Assembly Manual (manual loom)
4-shaft tie-up diagram
8-shaft tie-up diagram
12-shaft tie-up diagram

Assembly Manual

Assembly Manual

Assembly Manual

FAQs: Toika Loom Maintenance and Support

  • Should I be greasing the worm gear (cogwheel device)? We recommend greasing the worm gear using petroleum jelly (Vaseline) very lightly with a Q-tip at least once a year to ensure continued smooth rotation.
  • How do I install a computer unit on my loom? Detailed instructions can be found in the Toika Eeva ES Computer Assist Loom Assembly Manual, starting on page 8. These instructions are the same for any computer-assisted Toika loom. You can also reference this video of Art Elkins installing the computer box and shafts on the WEBS YouTube channel
  • Is there any ongoing maintenance I need to do to my computer unit? Yes. We recommend lubricating the slide bars inside the computer box every six months, more often for looms under heavy use. We also recommend periodically cleaning the inside of the box to remove dust. Detailed directions on both of these can be found in the assembly manual for the Toika Eeva ES Computer Assist Loom Assembly Manual (page 19).
  • What do I do if I have issues with my computer dobby unit? First, check out the Troubleshooting Section of the Toika Eeva ES Computer Assist Loom Assembly Manual (page 18). Our most common issues and resolutions are listed there (and apply to any computer-assist Toika you may have). In the event these tips do not help, contact Bran at Please include as much information about your loom as you can and include pictures and videos of the issue. 
  • Does WEBS charge for maintenance on computer dobby looms? After evaluating the issue, if WEBS determines the computer unit needs to be sent to us for repairs we do charge an hourly fee. Unless the computer unit is still under warranty, customers are also responsible for shipping costs to send the computer unit to WEBS for repair. We will provide detailed instructions for safe shipping.
  • Can WEBS help me resell my Toika loom? Unfortunately, WEBS does not sell used Toikas, but there is a vibrant market for used Toika looms. We recommend getting in touch with your local weaving guilds and craft schools. Many people also have luck posting their used Toikas on online pages such as, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.
  • Can I add a Toika computer dobby unit to my non-Toika loom? Toika computer upgrades are possible on most Glimåkra Standard, Glimåkra Ideal, Öxabäck Ulla Cyrys and Cranbrook looms though there may be shaft limits. Other looms may be workable. Contact to determine if a Toika unit will fit your loom.

Toika Accessory Assembly Instructions

Toika Warping Mill Assembly

Toika Cone Stand Assembly

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