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#74 Scarf in Rayon Chenille PDF

$3.99 Each

Here’s a way to weave a light weight rayon chenille scarf with well-behaved fringes. Instead of using chenille for weft, try using Valley Yarns 8/2 tencel. It lightens the scarf and the drape is terrific. The finishing method is a little off-beat and will probably surprise you but it keeps the fringes orderly and tangle free.

This draft is a downloadable PDF.

Equipment: 4-shaft loom, minimum 15” weaving width, 8-dent reed, one boat shuttle and bobbin. For finishing, 1 tyvek envelope a little wider than the scarf and at least twice the length of your fringe. Sewing machine with long basting stitch capability.
Width in reed: 8½”
Sett: 16 epi
Finished size: 8¼” x 68” or to desired length.
Warp: Valley Yarns Rayon Chenille, 1450 yds/lb., Navy, 168 yds., amethyst, 312 yds., greyed teal, 360 yds.
Weft: Valley Yarns 8/2 tencel, 3360 yds/lb. Pompeii, 500 yds.
Total warp ends: 140
Warp length: 6 yards for two scarves; 3 yards for one scarf. Amounts given are for a 6-yard warp.


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