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#85 Summer Garden Towel PDF

$3.99 Each

The Valley Yarns Summer Garden Towel uses Valley Cotton in 10/2 and 6/2, both available in lots of colors. Different patterns can be achieved easily through the treadling. The 6/2 unmercerized cotton works really well for the pattern weft, allowing you to square the blocks nicely.

This draft is a PDF download. 

Structure: Summer and Winter
Equipment: 4-shaft loom, 26” minimum weaving width, 2 shuttles; fishing line, weights and temple are helpful., though optional (see Tips for Good elvedges).
Warp Yarns: Valley Yarns 10/2 Cotton (100% mercerized cotton, 4,200 yds/lb) #2166 Porcelain Blue 1,533 yds; #4456 Orange 126 yds; #1205 Banana
Weft Yarns: Pattern weft—Valley Yarns 6/2 Cotton (100% unmercerized cotton, 2,520 yds/lb) Natural 910 yds; Tabby weft—Valley Yarns 10/2 Cotton
(100% mercerized cotton, 4,200 yds/lb) #2166 Porcelain Blue 910 yds; Under-hem weft—22 yds cotton sewing thread in blue.
Warp: 3 .5 yds (includes approx. 30” loom waste and 12” for sampling) of 551 ends (includes floating selvedges)
Sett: 24 epi (2/dent in 12-dent reed, 3/dent in 8- dent reed)
Dimensions: Width in reed: 23”, finished size after washing and hemming: 20” x 32”


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