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Introduction to Double-Knitting, section 1 with Alasdair Post-Quinn


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Double-knitting is a unique method of making a fabric with no "wrong" side and a built-in reversible colorwork pattern. Significantly different from the standard intarsia and Fair Isle colorwork that are so well known, double-knitting is a labor-intensive but wholly worthwhile technique to have in your repertoire. In this workshop, students will learn Alasdair's 2-color cast-on for double-knitting, get comfortable with the techniques involved, then move into colorwork. At the end of the workshop, knitters should have a motif swatch and be confident that they can tackle a larger standard double-knitting pattern.

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner
Some experience with colorwork is helpful but not necessary
Instructor: Alasdair Post-Quinn
Date: Saturday, 4/1/2017
Time: 9:00am–12:00pm
Materials Required: 

  • 2 contrasting colors of plain yarn in the DK to worsted weight range and a pair of straight or circular needles in the proper size.
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