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#105 Blooming Shadow Scarf PDF

$3.99 Each

The Blooming Shadow Scarf was inspired by the Scandinavian Band, that draft is about 2” wide and sett about 85 epi. This scarf is sett 27 epi using the same yarn, Valley Yarns 8/2 tencel, for a fabric that is about 6.5” wide! 

This draft is a PDF download.

Equipment: 4-shaft loom at least 10” wide, 2 shuttles, 2 bobbins
Warp & Weft yarns: Valley Yarns 8/2 tencel (100% Lyocell, 3360 yards/lb.): Warp: Amethyst, 280 yards, Hummingbird, 246 yards; Weft: Amethyst 160 yards, Hummingbird, 140 yards
Warp Length: 3 yards of 175 ends (includes floating selvedges on either side)
Sett: 27 epi (3/dent in a 9-dent reed, 2-3-3 in a 10-dent reed, 3-3-4 in an 8-dent reed
Finished dimensions: 6.25” x 64.5” 
Structure: Shadow Weave. This draft starts from a Blooming Leaf profile.


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