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40th Anniversary 09 Heirloom Diamonds Twill Towels PDF

$3.99 Each

Handweaver and weaving educator Sharon Alderman designed these splendid Heirloom Diamonds Twill Towels for Valley Yarns using our 40/2 Linen. Crisp, clean, strong and absorbent, Valley Yarns 40/2 linen is perfect for fine linen towels, and this 16-shaft draft will produce two heirloom quality towels for you to keep or give as cherished gifts.

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This draft is available as a PDF download.

Structure: Twill
Equipment: 16-shaft loom, 19" weaving width; 1 shuttle; 1 bobbin
Warp Yarns: Valley Yarns 40/2 Linen (3,300 yds/lb), natural, 2001 yds
Weft Yarns: Valley Yarns 40/2 Linen (3,300 yd/lb), bleached, 1241 yds
Warp Length: 667 ends 3 yds long
Setts: Warp: 36 epi.; Weft: Approx. 36 ppi.
Dimensions: Width in reed: 18³⁄?"
Finished size after washing: 2 towels 16" x 25½" each after hemming


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