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Valley Yarns #54 Placemats in Three-Thread Huck PDF

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Many thanks to Ute Bargmann, Laurie Autio and Catherine Leary, ssj, for information about the source of this draft which I found in my files.  It was probably first presented by Jean Sanella in the 1977 issue of the NEWS Bulletin and later used by Jeanetta Jones, perhaps woven by Amorette Claris for presentation to Weavers of Western Mass.

Equipment: 4-shaft loom, 15” weaving width; 2 shuttles
Finished Size: after washing and hemming, 13” x 18”
Yarn: Valley Yarns 3/2 Valley Cotton in #2746 dark teal and Valley Yarns 10/2 Valley Cotton in #2166 porcelain blue.
Warp Length: 4 yards; this could be 3 yards, but it will be close. I prefer to allow a full yard for loom waste and sampling.
Sett: 24 epi for the borders (2 per dent), 18 epi for the pattern (3/2 single in reed, 10/2 double in reed) in a 12-dent reed

Draft updated 2/4/11.

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