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#60 Blooming Leaf Baby Blanket in 4-Shaft Colonial Overshot PDF

$3.99 Each

This is a good entry-level overshot pattern, treadled as threaded. It joins the series of Blooming Leaf patterns woven in different weave structures. So far drafts #53 Baby Blanket in Colonial Double Weave and #59 Blooming Leaf Baby Blanket threaded and treadled in the Powell Method.

This draft is available as a downloadable PDF.

EQUIPMENT: 4-shaft loom, 36” weaving width; 2 shuttle
FINISHED SIZE: 28 ¼” x 30 ½”
WARP YARN: Valley Yarns Valley Cotton 5/2 (2100 yds/lb), 1350 yds 6402 Lilac Snow
WEFT YARN: Valley Yarns Valley Cotton 5/2 (2100 yds/lb), 1150 yds 6402 Lilac Snow; Valley Yarns
Valley Cotton 3/2 (1260 yards/lb), 1150 yds 6394 Royal Lilac
WIDTH IN REED: 33”, sett 13 ½ epi in a 9-dent reed;
34 1/3”, alternate sett of 13 epi in an 8- or 10-dent reed. (The fabric is better at this
sett than with a conventional sett of 12 epi.)


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