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Valley Yarns #66 Welcome Home Pillow PDF

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This is an overshot pattern done with a name draft. I chose the words “welcome home” to celebrate buying my house and created the draft for these pillows, which now grace the sofa in my new home!

Available as a downloadable PDF only.

Equipment: 4-shaft loom, minimum 19” weaving width, 2 shuttles
Finished Size: 16” x 16”
Warp and Tabby Weft Yarn: Valley Yarns 10/2 Cotton, color 8176 Natural, 1870 yds
Weft Yarn: Valley Yarns Hand Dyed Charlemont, Fall Festival, 481 yds
Width in Reed: 18.88” 
Sett: 24 epi
Total Warp Ends: 453 (this includes 2 floating selvages)
Warp Length: 3 yards will give you enough for 1 pillow plus extra for sampling. Add 1 yard for each additional pillow you want to weave.

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