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Valley Yarns #69 6-Shaft Scarf in 5/2 Bamboo PDF

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There is such luster to our Valley Yarns 5/2 bamboo that an advancing twill using one color for warp and weft is impressively eye-catching. The weave structure is a six-shaft advancing/reversing twill treadled essentially as threaded.

Equipment: 6-shaft loom, minimum 12”-14” weaving width, 12-dent reed, one boat shuttle. Temple optional, but useful to maintain width.
Finished size: 6” x 72”, plus twisted fringe.
Yarn: Valley Yarns 5/2 Bamboo, 2100 yds/lb. WARP & WEFT: Hummingbird, #8896. 1 cone
Width in Reed: 7 3/8” Sett: 18 epi
Total Warp Ends: 129 + floating selvages
Warp Length: A 7-yard warp is enough for two scarves approximately 3 yards each including fringe.

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