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Valley Yarns #37 Finnish Pattern #1 PDF

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This 8-shaft scarf is absolutely stunning woven in 60/2 silk.  The beauty of the pattern shines with the use of two slightly different colors.  For a bolder fabric, you could use a stronger contrast.  With so many color options in our 60/2 silk, the possibilities are endless!  This draft appeared in a book of Finnish weaving drafts.  It is commonly known as a snowflake pattern; the structure is an 8-shaft advancing twill. 

Equipment: 8-shaft loom, 7.4” weaving width; 1 shuttle
Size: 6.5” wide, length as desired
Warp: Valley Yarns 60/2 Silk,  #671 Salmon - 2500 yds for a 6-yard warp
Weft: Valley Yarns 60/2 Silk (100% Spun Silk; 14,800 yards per lb; 3.5oz/100g cones) #669 Smoke Pink - 1700 yds for 2 72” scarves
Warp Length: 3 yards for one scarf; 5 ½ to 6 yards for two 72” scarves plus fringe
Warp Ends:  413 ends plus 2 for floating selvages
Sett:  56 epi
Finished Dimensions: 6 ½” wide; 72” long plus fringe

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