2.1nm Mohair Loop Mill End

$14.99 Cone

  • Fiber Content: 77%Mohair/ 18%Wool/ 5%Polyester
  • Weight/Yardage: 1000YPP/approx. 10oz cones, approx. 625 yds per cone
  • Care: Hand Wash, Dry Flat
  • Sett: 6-10epi

Ah, mohair bouclé. What more is there to say? Fluffy and loopy and destined to make cozy blankets and throws, scarves and shawls. Knitters will be vying with the weavers to get their hands on this mohair, wool and polyester blend, and so many colors to choose from! Recommended sett is 6–10 epi, but it's best to always weave a sample before starting a project. 

Note: SOLD BY THE CONE on full cones only. Cones weigh approximately 10 ounces each, with approximately 625 yards. Please note: for Burgundy and Caramel colors, you may receive 2 smaller cones for each ONE you order.

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